We got our visas!

Genzano di Roma, here we come!  On May 12th, I was scrolling through my inbox and saw the following message and literally started screaming.


That’s right, 6 words, no punctuation, no capitalization.  Doesn’t matter. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you won’t be moving to a new country as an illegal immigrant.  So wonderful, in fact, Niko drove there today to get them…an 8 hour round-trip drive.



Visa Attempt #2

Visa Attempt #1

After having our visa request denied, we were back in Houston, almost 1 month to the day and only 55 days before we were set to fly out for good. After hours and hours of blog reading, forum searches, and even a successful attempt to reach the Houston Italian Consulate by phone, we thought we had it figured out. Note: Each Consulate has it’s own set of rules for approving visas.  Although there are guidelines established as a minimum by the country, Italy, itself.  Each consulate is given complete autonomy for all approvals.  They can require more money for cash reserves, more money for passive income and even if you do meet the criteria, they can still flat out deny you. However, this consulate told us we needed 30 days bank statements and proof that we have at least 32,000 EUR in passive income per person. When asked if that “per person” requirement included our 6 and 12 year old daughters, we were not given a clear answer. We were not given an answer at all, only a scolding.  The woman on the other end, said “It doesn’t matter what I tell you over the phone, you need to come in person anyways.” Continue reading “Visa Attempt #2”