First Car Shipped!

After our visa appointment, and some Crescent City Beignets, we headed down to the port in Galveston, Texas to ship Niko’s car.  I’d been researching for some months for a reliable yet affordable company to use. Niko has a Mercedes CLK500 and the quotes I’d received to ship the car from Galveston to Livorno ranged from $1350 to $1900.  About a month ago I started sifting through the quotes again to decide on a company and start the paperwork.  One problem…Bad reviews, I mean bad.

 “Every one of their agents is a liar. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM IF YOU EVER WANT TO SEE YOUR BELONGINGS AGAIN. They make me wish cutting off the hands of thieves was legal. These lying stealing crooks would have no hands if the law allowed that remedy.” Continue reading “First Car Shipped!”