Carta d’Identitá – Getting your Italian Identity Card

captureI honestly wasn’t even concerned about having an Italian identity card. I thought my permesso di soggiorno, which contained my picture, codice fiscale and  name was more than sufficient to identify myself. However, when I tried, several times to open a bank account, I discovered how flawed this thinking was.  I was told to go to the commune to get my carta d’identitá and I  would have it in hand in 1 day…Not possible.

First day I went to the commune it was 10 minutes before the identity card office closed for the day. 4:50 pm? No, it was only 11:20 AM! They were closed the next day, a Wednesday, so I had to wait until Thursday. I get there on Thursday, and he asks where’s my residency. I respond with my address, but that’s not what he’s looking for. Turns out I’d missed a step. Before you can get your identity card, you have to go to the anagrafia (anagraphy) office and establish your formal residence. Of course, it was too late in the day for that, so I had to wait until the next day.  I thought I was smart by bringing all of documents and also making copies, but I was missing one thing. She needed the original registered lease for the home. Of course my real estate agent was not in the office. In fact, she was in America on vacation and wouldn’t be back for another week!

With the original lease agreement in hand and, of course a photocopy I head to the anagrafia office again. Here’s a list of what was required for everyone in the household:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Permesso di Soggiorno
  • Codice Fiscale
  • Passport
  • Lease agreement

Make a copy of all of these documents as the office will most likely not make copies for you.

After she completed the application, I was told I had to wait for a police officer to come by home and observe. So I waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, someone gave me the idea to go by the police station. So I did. They asked me for the date and time-frame that worked with both my schedule and the officer’s schedule. On the day of the visit, she called me, because of course she was lost in my neighborhood and couldn’t find my house. Once I was able to direct her to my home, she came inside, and very courteously looked around. She never left the living room. She just asked me questions about how many rooms, bathrooms and kitchens were in the home. She also asked what my profession was and asked to see my identification and that was it.

I went back to the anagrafia office 2 days later, just to give the officer time to do any additional action items required of her and to give the anagrafia office time to received the information. Once there, she pulled up my file and said everything was complete. I then walked around the corner to the identity card office. I hand him 3 passport size photos of myself. He ask me my weight and height, but in metric units of course, then tells me to come back in 30 minutes. I hand him 5.42€ for the price of the identity and walk out with this:


2 thoughts on “Carta d’Identitá – Getting your Italian Identity Card

  1. I’d love if you continued this story Emerald: did you ever get the bank account opened? Do they have debit cards like us? Are your savings guaranteed by the government (like our version of FDIC)? Thanks! ❤️


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