Beaches Near Rome

Since we have arrived, we’ve tried to capitalize on the season, weather, and one of God’s free and amazing gifts….the sea.  I’m taking the time to outline the beaches we’ve visited thus far, chronologically, and my thoughts about them.

Grotte di Nerone

This beach is only about 35 minutes from my home. It’s named Grotte di Nerone because Nero used the cliffs along the shore to build a huge palace for himself. The remains of the palace are still there and look like caves.  The beach was clean and the water was clear. There were nice waves for the kids to play in. I would definitely go back to the beach…once I explore all the other nearby beaches 😉


Unbelievably picturesque!  This beach has a village on the top of the cliff with white buildings that make you think you’re on island in Greece. Warm water, soft sand, and waves for the kids, I would say this beach is a must!  It’s only about and hour and a half drive from Rome, so you’d be crazy not to go!

Santa Marinella/ Santa Severa

Note: We did not take this picture, dead battery 😦

At about an hour from Rome, Santa Marinella was our original destination, but when we arrived, all the beaches were paid, so we decided to travels to the next beach south of Santa Marinella which was Santa Severa. It was kind of cloudy the day we visited and the waves are so strong even with the artificial rock barriers.  Perhaps, because of the turbulence, the water is has a lot of sediment which causes it to be brown in appearance.  The shore is very long and there are alternating areas of private and public beaches. There’s is also a pretty cool castle at the end of the beach. The kids loved the powerful waves here and the cool castle, but this was my least favorite beach of all the beaches I’ve visited in Italy. The brown water really turned me off. There are also random places along the beach with various sizes of rocks.


Sabaudia really reminded me of Sperlonga without the beautiful white hill-top town. It was cloudy when arrived but cleared up a few hours later. The water was warm and really shallow for quite a distance from the shore. The kids really appreciated that along with the waves and warm water. There’s a grassy area behind the shore that looks like something from screensaver. I would definitely return since it’s only 45 minutes from my home.

300 Gradini, Gaeta

So far this is my favorite beach. It is the furthest one so far but DEFINITELY worth it! There are 7 beaches in Gaeta and the shore really reminds of the Amalfi Coast. We chose 300 Gradini which is a beach that’s exactly a 300 step descent from the road. It was fun going down, but a little challenging coming back up.


I was super excited to check out this beach. All the pics looked amazing, but it was so crowded, I could barely recognize the landmark, which was the giant castle. Now granted, this is the week of Ferragosto, which is equivalent to 4th of July in the States in terms of vacation, so perhaps that’s the reason for the really large crowds here. I have to say, I didn’t like this beach. The waves are small, the sand is compact and not soft, the water is cold, and you can only go a short distance out from the shore. Pretty much the only reedeming elements were the castle and the proximity to Rome, only 45 minutes.







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