Beaches Near Rome

Since we have arrived, we’ve tried to capitalize on the season, weather, and one of God’s free and amazing gifts….the sea.  I’m taking the time to outline the beaches we’ve visited thus far, chronologically, and my thoughts about them.

Grotte di Nerone

This beach is only about 35 minutes from my home. It’s named Grotte di Nerone because Nero used the cliffs along the shore to build a huge palace for himself. Continue reading “Beaches Near Rome”


Siamo Arrivati!

Well technically, we’ve been here over a month, but I’m just now having the time and energy to write about it.  Our lease started on July 1st and we arrived on June 24th.  The owner was nice enough to allow us access to the home upon arrival. The plan was to use the week to get things situated, get furniture, connect internet so that we would be all ready to go when lease started.

I’m a planner by nature, but that means nothing in Italy. I still do not have internet installed in my home and today is August 9th. My packages from America have still not arrived, and in fact, have been sent back to America (to be explained in a later post). And we still do not have s back account…. So our cell phones are both prepaid.

However, we do have our car, and we are here and healthy and having fun!