The New City – Genzano di Roma

Genzano di Roma is one of the 16 towns set on the Alban Hills, collectively called Castelli Romani, or Roman Castles.  The area is just outside of the city of Rome and has a population of about 300,000

The area of the castles is set in a fertile volcanic area. The former crater is occupied by two lakes, the Lake Alban and Lake Nemi.

3D Topographical Map of Castelli Romani

Lake Nemi is famous for it’s sunken ships built by 1st Century Emporer Caligula. The larger of the two ships was essentially an elaborate floating palace, which contained quantities of marble, mosaic floors, heating and plumbing such as baths among its amenities. Both ships featured technology long thought to be recent inventions. Recovered from the lake bed in 1929, the ships were destroyed by enemy fire during World War II in 1944. Artifacts from the ships are on display amongst several museums in Italy.

Reconstruction of one of the Nemi ships

Genzano di Roma, population 22,650, is a thriving city nestled on the crater of Lake Nemi accessible by a very scenic route. Elevation is 1430 ft above sea level.

Beautiful bridge you must take traveling to/from Rome & Genzano

Genzano di Roma is most famous for its flower festival, or infiorata. More than 150,000 visitors, every year, come from all over to enjoy the wonderful flower carpets that cover the main street. The timing of the festival is always the weekend after the festival of Corpus Christi. This year it falls on my Husband’s birthday, May 27th. Unfortunately, we won’t be there yet as we don’t land in Rome until June 23rd. But enjoy these pics and short film from last year’s festivals.


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