Visa Attempt #1

As you can see from the title, we did not obtain our visa this visit.  Our first visa appointment was for April 1st at 9 am at the Italian Consulate in Houston.  We wanted to arrive at 830 in plenty enough time to show to show our eagerness for the appointment and respect for officer conducting the interview.  Well, needless to say, we didn’t arrive that early.  We arrived at the office at 8:58 am to find that the office doesn’t even open until 9.  We were relieved.  We waited until 9:01 am and politely as possible rang the door bell to Suite 660. A tall man opened the door then walked around the back to approach the window and ask what we needed.  I announced in Italiano, “Siamo qui per un appuntamento di visto.” He asked, in Italiano: our last name, how many of us were present and if I were doing the interview in Italian.  I requested, “Inglese per favore.”  He said the officer only spoke Italian.  I was shocked, my Italiano isn’t THAT good.  It’s barely above a beginner’s level. Continue reading “Visa Attempt #1”